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The unique opportunity of choice of an individual seminar on international MY STYLE course under direction of Birgit Tode is offered to your attention.

Basic intensive training                             

 The course is run according to the developed program and is intended for beginning masters. Optimum duration: 4-5 days.

Each participant makes at least, 3 contours of eyes, 2 to 3 contours of eyebrowes and at least 3 contours of lips. On the average there are 9 to 13 models involved during training.
The practical part takes the most part of your training and contains work with models. Thus resolving of technical nuances is studied, so that the trainee's hand is literally "set".
  Price:   350,- EUR/day  (run individually by Birgit Tode)
Advanced training courses Permanent Make-Up

Intended for operating masters (it is recommended on a regular basis once a year).
Duration: 1 day.

  It is spent in one year after the basic course, with each client's program individually developed. The purpose of the course is to help the master to deal with all the questions and difficulties he/she may have met during independent work. Work is carried out on specially invited models, the program is made in view of wishes of a trainee.

  Price:   350,- EUR
Time-Tattoo Training Course

Intended for masters and beginners. Duration: 1 day.

  During training the master masters the techniques of time tattooes performance: drafts and their application, features of procedure performance.  

  Price:   300,- EUR ( for professionals)
    350,- EUR (for beginners)
PM Remover Training Course

Intended for PM masters only. Duration: 1 day.

  Specially developed course for masters of permanent make-up. During the course the preparations PM and Tattoo Remover with the instruction on its using procedure specifics are provided. Within the limits of the course the masters get an opportunity to learn to delete poor-quality and "old" works without the help of the laser and surgical intervention. Work is done on invited models, attraction of own models of the master is possible.

  Price:   250,- EUR

Upon end of training and successful passing of the exam, a German style certificate "MY STYLE" is given. All seminars are run only by highly qualified professionals intensively, qualitatively and productively.

You receive unique knowledge and skills, studying the newest tendencies in technique of permanent make-up application and using devices of the last generation.


The problems of permanent make-up

Permanent make-up is known for many years and its popularity is increasing, as well as requirements to procedure quality
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For beginners
Permanent make-up is one of the most responsible and expensive procedures in beauty salons. Therefore requirements to training for this procedure should be very high.
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Sun, Summer and Time-tattoo/ Body-Tattoo, Temptoo 
The summer has come. The open clothes allow the charming ladies to show that they have hidden in the winter, including the fashionable small tattoos.
Results of work of MY STYLE device in comparison with plastic devices of the Asian origin. Testing was made on rather high speed, single needle, on a sheet of regular paper.
Removal of permanent make-up and tattoos is a very delicate work demanding special knowledge, experience and talent. Therefore we recommend even to professionals to pass a one-day course as part of the "РМ Remover" training program.