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igments for permanent make-up. Made in Germany. Pigments of the maximum degree of certification, are chemically stable, toxicologically and microbiologically tested, correspond to the European standards for cosmetics and do not contain AZO color substances. The special structure of pigment demands application of special work technique. We shall be glad to give to you an opportunity to receive necessary background for work using the most recent achievements in the field of Hi-Tech Permanent Make-up.
  The newest series of professional glycerin-alcohol-based pigments. The color palette consists of 36 pigments. It is developed on the newest European achievements in the field of micropigmentation.

pigments MY STYLE Professional Colours

 Scale of MY STYLE Professional Colours pigments:



before-and afterwork: transponder for rigid skin, drivers - for eyes, eyebrows, lips, plastic fixer. Soft-Remover for correction and off-grade works removal.
The problems of permanent make-up

Permanent make-up is known for many years and its popularity is increasing, as well as requirements to procedure quality
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For beginners
Permanent make-up is one of the most responsible and expensive procedures in beauty salons. Therefore requirements to training for this procedure should be very high.
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Sun, Summer and Time-tattoo/ Body-Tattoo, Temptoo 
The summer has come. The open clothes allow the charming ladies to show that they have hidden in the winter, including the fashionable small tattoos.
Results of work of MY STYLE device in comparison with plastic devices of the Asian origin. Testing was made on rather high speed, single needle, on a sheet of regular paper.
Removal of permanent make-up and tattoos is a very delicate work demanding special knowledge, experience and talent. Therefore we recommend even to professionals to pass a one-day course as part of the "РМ Remover" training program.