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 Body-Tattoo, Time-Tattoo, Temptoo

The summer has come. The open clothes allow the charming ladies to show that they have hidden in the winter, including the fashionable small tattoos. Butterflies, dolphins, flowers, hieroglyphs attractively flash on feet and shoulders. Sometimes they can be seen on short-haired napes. On the beach it becomes clear, that other places are also thus decorated, which often looks rather unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, tattoos will not always emphasize the youth and freshness of their owners - it is no secret, that skin loses elasticity with time. Those who does not want that the hung florets and butterflies with drooped wings would deceitfully testify this, can do not traditional, but cosmetic tattoo.

This procedure is also known as Body-Tattoo, Time-Tattoo, Temptoo, and its essence is that into the top layers of a skin is injected a pigment, which fades in due course.

Such temporary tattoo will hold for five to ten years. More precise prediction is impossible, because the speed of body skin renewal is less than that of a face and depends on many factors, for example, age and metabolism level. Affected by ultraviolet, that is in the case of an intensive solar irradiation and frequent sunroom attending, the tattoo fades more quickly.

Time-Tattoo is done in beauty salons. This technique is not less complex than the permanent make-up of lips, eyebrows and eyelids, and in the same way demands the first class toolkit and high qualification of the permanent make up artist. The best motives for it are thin and graceful drawings. The greater planes densely filled by a fading pigment turn pale slowly and non-uniformly.

Lovers of huge motifs, ornaments and dragons enwrapping the whole torso should better apply to a professional tattoo-master that would do a big tattoo significantly faster and somewhat cheaper. Body-tattoo is the field where the cosmetologist and the tattoo-master can cooperate and the choice is entirely yours.
The problems of permanent make-up

Permanent make-up is known for many years and its popularity is increasing, as well as requirements to procedure quality
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For beginners
Permanent make-up is one of the most responsible and expensive procedures in beauty salons. Therefore requirements to training for this procedure should be very high.
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Results of work of MY STYLE device in comparison with plastic devices of the Asian origin. Testing was made on rather high speed, single needle, on a sheet of regular paper.
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Removal of permanent make-up and tattoos is a very delicate work demanding special knowledge, experience and talent. Therefore we recommend even to professionals to pass a one-day course as part of the "РМ Remover" training program.
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